SPOILER ALERT – Game of Thrones: Musings on S6E9: Battle of the Bastards

Holy shit, this was a real camera shot with no CG.
Just some quick thoughts on last night’s episode of Game of Thrones… I don’t know, I still need to process it a bit more, but I think I can say it’s my favorite episode of the entire show so far. It was both epic and satisfying on many levels.
  • Danaerys really could use a saddle to ride Drogon, because sitting on all those spines and scales can’t be comfortable.
  • It’s time for Dany to move on Westeros. If she spends one more minute in Meereen I’m going to… well I’ll probably keep watching the show, but I shall be very cross.
  • Dany needs to learn how to quickly strafe an area with dragonfire. Hovering over one ship and blasting it with 3 dragons until it sinks just seems very inefficient. They’re wooden ships; they’ll burn and sink eventually. Just light one up and move on.
  • I’d just like to say, for the record, that during the Battle of the Bastards, when the Bolton’s shield wall started closing in and smushing Jon Snow’s army into a tight, suffocating crowd, I thought, “This is exactly what happened to the Romans at the Battle of Cannae.” And they confirmed this in the post-show commentary by citing that as the inspiration for the scene. Except the Romans had superior numbers (but not a giant). My point is that I know stuff.
  • Overall the battle was epic in so many ways. The tension buildup at the beginning, camera placement, composition, and lighting were masterful. That tracking shot of Jon at the battle’s start was magnificent. Then it turned into a visceral, suffocating massacre that was hard to watch, but in a good way. That scene has earned its place in my list of top 3 cinematic battles with Pellenor Fields from LotR, and the battle of Stirling from Braveheart.
  • Why the hell didn’t Ramsay just shoot Jon instead of finishing off Wun Wun with an arrow to the eye? I know the story doesn’t call for it, but still. Seemed obvious.
  • When Jon was pummeling Ramsay’s face and then paused to look up at Sansa, I had a horrible thought that Ramsay would suddenly pull his knife out and stab Jon. Would’ve been classic Ramsay. Certainly would have been classic GRRM.


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